Signature Cactus, Alternative Guest Book, Kit with 1 ink pads and a pen, Readymade Print

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This festive watercolor prickly pear cactus in a terra cotta pot is a perfect way to mark a fiesta gathering of family and friends. Guests fill in the cactus with their signatures to look like the prickles and you can add a few fingerprints on the top as the fruit. Great for birthday parties, retirement, baby shower, bridal shower, graduation or book club. Enjoy for years to come as a beautiful work of art. 

This kit includes fun watercolor cactus print with text "LOVE MAKES GOOD THINGS GROW" below, with 1 mini ink pads, and 1 acid free pen for signatures. 

Size XS is 11x14" and ideal for 10-25 guest signatures and 2-8 thumbprints.
Size S is 16x20" and ideal for 35-75 guest signatures and 2-10 thumbprints.

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