Mini Dye Based Ink Pads for fingerprint guest book artwork

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The perfect acid free, fade-resistant, dye-based inks to go with your fingerprint guest book artwork, in a wide variety of lovely colors you don't usually find in your local craft store. 1.5" square ink pads.

We recommend no more than 4 colors (including one for the birds) for the trees and no more than 6 colors for the big balloons. But trees can also look great with just one color.

Based on lots of testing and trials in our studio, we have found that dye based inks work best with fingerprints. The ink dries quickly, so you needn't worry about ink getting on guests clothes. Most of the colors wipe away completely, if removed with a baby wipe immediately after stamping.

Not available for individual purchase. Must be sold with an artwork order. The turn around time for inks is the same as custom artwork.***

(INKS ARE NOT AVAILABLE FOR RUSH ORDERS. We are happy to share where you can buy inks for a quickly approaching event online or locally.)

*Starred ink color names indicate pigments that are especially strong. These colors have a tendency to leave a tinge of color on the guests finger, after stamped and wiped off. A slight tinge from the *marked colors will go away within a few hours, after washing hands with soap and water.

(colors pictured may vary slightly from the image settings screen to screen)

Alternate colors are also available, upon request, but not available for RUSH orders. If you cant find a color you are looking for, please message us and we will see if we have what you need in our other inks available.