About Us

Do you want to know what happens when an artist marries and artist?

Josh & Hilary Dildine can show you a life centered around making and family. They met in college while studying art, traveled the world together, supported each other through two graduate programs in painting and studio art, and were married in 2009. 

The seeds of Bleu de Toi started with their own creative, DIY wedding, were they thought up the original fingerprint tree to capture all of their guests in a unique way. A few short months after they said "I do", Hilary started selling their drawings for alternative guest artwork on etsy and sold out, shipping worldwide within the first week. 

What began and a creative solution to a problem, has branched to include hundreds of original designs, family trees, custom illustration, art prints and bespoke watercolor. 

By day Joshua is a professor of art and practicing fine artist specializing in abstract painting over photographs. Check out his studio career @joshuadildine . Hilary teaches a college course in craft arts on the side. Follow her creative journey @bdthandmade

The two artists live in Central California with their three children and boston terrier, Sumi. 

Behind the name:

What's in a name? bleu • de • toi | 'blu-də-twä | :

1. v French phrase most closely meaning ‘crazy for you’ or ‘crazy about you’ in English; similar to "I’m blue over you". 2. n Your source for unique hand-crafted memories; home of the guest book fingerprint tree and other original designs for wedding, baby and home; available on online. 3. adj Original designs by Joshua + Hilary.